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At Lucy Salazar & Associates Inc., we are dedicated to you and your needs, such as the income tax, to complete immigration forms and the legal assistance required. We have been around for more than 28 years, but our most important goal is to make you a satisfied customer.

Born in Lima-Peru Lucy Salazar studied at Universidad Ricardo Palma and graduated from ESAN with a degree in business organization, in 1981 he moved to California graduating at the Latin American College of Business, and after that, the dream of Having his own business became a reality in 1989.

He began the practice of tax laws and rented a desk within an office that sold car insurance, later with Much effort and sacrifice managed to rent his own space diversifying the business and offering other parallel services such as immigration counseling and accompaniment and family law. With the passage of time he managed to consolidate a family business, with more 28 years of experience with a clientele of three generations.


Lucy Salazar


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Tabitha Sanchez

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Luis Ernesto Salazar

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Insurance professional

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